Final Winter

Game 113

Rona removes disease on the poor kidnapped and mouthstuffed guy, then the rest of the party just to be sure no one else gets it. Lucas charms him and he says his name is Nick. He didn’t know about any disease, he says the druids heal all of them. He says there’s a war coming because no one’s living a natural life anymore and that this compound is a beginning for a new homeland once the war is over and everyone else has killed each other to death.

They’ve been here for four years, just hiding and preparing for the coming war. They tried to tell other city leaders, but no one would listen to them, so they left and came here.

The altar is a blood-binding ritual for all of them, done every 14 days and helps them all remain a family. They all come and bleed in a big pot and then all of them drink a little of it.



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