Final Winter

Game 114

The party, deciding that they have gotten as far as they can on his guy’s help, leave him tied up in the basement and go back up the ladder in search of other floors. Thanks to Nick, they know they have to get to the other floors fast because there are guards, so they opt to make some distractions. 1: The incendiary privy trap Clep set earlier. 2: A swarm of bees in a hallway. 3. Stoneshaping the trapdoors so that they can’t be lifted.

Sadly, Smasher gets thoroughly stuck in the trapdoor up to floor three and the whole party nearly falls back through it trying to help him get up. Finally up, the party sees a long hallway with just two doors. One is labeled “Foundry” and the other is labeled “Growth”.

The “Growth” room is a huge cave full of farmland and trees. It smells of summer and the ceiling looks like one giant window, brightly lit as if it’s summer in a field. As Karvald is wandering around, he is hailed by some sort of scarecrow with a human head attached to it. After a brief conversation with it, Karvald discovers that the creature is somewhat sentient, but has no name. Attempting to be friendly, Karvard explains what a name is and why it’s important, then tells the creature that he will name it Jack. Karvald leaves Jack tending the farmland. Jack seems to be thinking very hard about the topic of a name.

The “Foundry” room is lined wall to wall with tables covered in any sort of mechanical project imaginable. There’s a forge in one corner and an alchemy lab in another. There’s a half-elf man on the far side of the room. Noticing Karvald, he suddenly peers closer and says that he can’t see the spells on him and knows he’s not from here. He says “Angelica, we have visitors!” and attacks Karvald. Angelica is some sort of stone golem, but she stands idly by. After the old man nearly fries Karvald with a lighting wand, the rest of the party attacks, but the old man vanishes. He reappears in the foundry area, serves some tea and asks Karvald if he wants to earn some money. He’s not happy being here, but he has some grandkids in the cult downstairs that he needs to see safe back in Sharn before he can leave. He thinks the party is finally the ones who can help him.



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