Final Winter

Game 115

The old man (Mr. Cranky) tells the party that his grandkids are Alexander and Mellisandra, both hslf-elves as well. As he is telling the party more information, there’s a knock on the door. Everyone but Karvald manages to hide well, but Karvald puts a pot on his head and stands in the middle of the forge area. Spotting this before the door opens, Clep throws the stinky invisibility cloak over him.

Bursting into the room are 6 10foot tall vine and flower type golems, other various soldiers and a large person that looks very much like Pyoters sister, Syria de Gaines. Syria corners Cranky and shouts at him that she knows intruders are here and that he’s going to help her find the party. After she puts hands on him and he nearly bounces her through the floor, he past-scrys all of what we’ve done, telling her about the flipped over stones outside and the sealed up Water Weird. Syria is incredibly pissed about the Water Weird and sends some people down to take care of it immediately. Cranky bullshits her into thinking that he can’t see much more due to all of the restrictions he’s under here, and she huffs off.

The party discusses ideas with Cranky to get his grandkids out and take out Cainan. Discussion of ideas are in the forum thread.



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