Final Winter

Game 116

Clep, Lucas and Rona head ‘upstairs’ (really it’s a long tube through the stone about 30ft long) to investigate. There’s a circular room with the tube leading down in the center. There are 7 hallways radiating off of the center room. Near the hole and facing each tunnel there is a set of footprints in the stone.

  1. Human
  2. Elf
  3. Shifter
  4. Human
  5. Human
  6. Elf
  7. Elf

Rooms Explored:
1. Bed, desk, map table and a sand pit in the middle of the room
3. Magical wardrobe

Back down in Cranky’s room, the door bursts open and 40-50 soldiers pour into the room and start turning over tables and searching for intruders. One spots Karvald in the forge, trying to hide behind an anvil and rush him. Smasher lives up to his namesake by squishing no few of them into pulp on the floor. Notified of the conflict below, Clep, Lucas and Rona abandon the investigation of the seven rooms above and join the fight. Karvald and Smasher lay about with clubs and axes while Pixia makes the troops run away. Rona big-bear-butt-bombs the tables, Lucas throws fireballs and Clep fills a few guys with arrows and a few more with a tanglefoot bag. Cranky spends the fight incredulously watching and sipping a beer in the back of the room.



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