The story of how a bunch of half-crazed idiots managed to save the world in spite of the enormous odds stacked against them.

This Eberron campaign began in 2003 and has been running (limping, really) along ever since. We play every other weekend, with time off for RL emergencies, holidays, movie nights and the occasional drunken binge. The game concept was originally a steampunk/manapunk version of the Eberron world, with additional rules for unarmored combat, 1800s-era technology, and improved social networking. But the additional stuff mostly fell by the wayside as the game advanced. Our current rule set is bog-standard 3.5, with Rule 1 (Don’t let the rules get in the way of a good time) being primary.

Influences in this game include the Nightside series of books (by Simon R. Green), the art and writing of Ursula Vernon, the Girl Genius webcomic by Phil and Katya Folio, and various action flicks.

Final Winter

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